Take the guesswork out of what works and what doesn’t forever
  • Understand the building blocks of mens health 
  • Learn 5 simple tips you can implement today to combat low- T
  • Understand the key minerals testosterone is built on and where to find those in your diet 
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Christopher Borghese 

Internet Marketer

I honestly didn’t know what I was missing out on with low testosterone. Since putting into practice these hacks, I have seen such a dramatic difference in my mood, energy and marriage. Now I'm finally putting on the muscle I have always wanted to gain. 

Jimmy Coleman 


Life was great before working with The Billion Dollar Body but I knew something was missing. I didn’t feel or look like the best version of myself. This lead to inconsistent energy at work and in my relationships. Now I feel like how God intended me to feel. 
Nicholas Bayerle here! There's this little-known hormone called Testosterone. 
Hardly anybody is telling you how important it really is to your health. But when you learn how to optimize it, it changes everything. You'll see a huge difference in your motivation, your energy, your libido, and so much more. 

I created this checklist for the men out there who don't want to research hundreds of hours of what testosterone is AND how we can raise it naturally.  

In this checklist, I share the EXACT same ways I used to go from low testosterone, struggling with muscle gains and lack of motivation to now having high testosterone levels in less than 18 months. 
How do you know if you're low in T? You could have excess weight in your face and hips, harder to build muscle, decreased motivation, low libido & energy. 

Download the checklist today and put into action the tips I tell all my coaching clients to implement if they are serious about raising their testosterone levels naturally.. 
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